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Slimex contains standardized extracts of Garcinia, Green Tea and Phyllanthus, all of which aids in keeping body weight at a healthy number. These three plant extracts work synergistically together with a balanced diet and regular exercise, to keep metabolism going, curb unhealthy cravings and also supports the liver in detoxifying the body for a healthier and slimmer you.

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Slimex combines the concentrated natural extracts of Garcinia cambogia, Green tea and Phyllanthus niruri used traditionally to reduce body weight. Standardization of natural extract is essential to maintain consistency, purity and safety of the ingredient. 

Each capsule contains:

Garcinia cambogia standardized extract  
(50% Hydroxycitric acid 100 mg
Camellia sinensis standardized extract  
(50% Tea polyphenols) 50 mg
Phyllanthus niruri standardized extract 100 mg

*Source of gelatin is derived from bovine.

Adults: 2 capsules to be taken 2 times daily before meal.

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Nova Slimex

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