Resilac Botanical Pomegranate Apple Juice Powder 21x12g Sachet

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RESILAC is a unique & natural daily JAPAN FORMULA NIGHT DRINK which uses premium pomegranate (POMxTM) and apple juice powder mixed with Prebiotic and Enzyme Amylase.

It is rich in Antionxidants, Vitamin C, Fibre, and nutrients. This polyphenol-rich beverages helps in both men and women's health for anti-aging, promotes better blood circulation, regulates digestion, and promotes healthy colon.

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  • Research showed 8 oz of 100% POMx juice (570mg TPP equivalent) is able to:
    • Reduce the risk of prostate cancer
    • 40% reduction in oxidation of serum in prostate cancer patient.
    • 12% reduction in human prostate cancer cells growth.
    • 17% increase in human prostate cancer cells death.

(Ref: Phase II Study of Pomegranate Juice for Men with Rising Prostrate-Specific Antigen following Surgery or Radiation for Prostate Cancer. (p=0.0048 and 0.0004 respectively).

  • Reduces fat storage around abdomen (belly fat)
    • Reduction in non-esterified fatty acid (NEFA)
  • For heart health by preventing arterios clerosis

To promote regular bowel movement

Natural source of insoluble & soluble fibre from plant, enzyme Amylase and Prebiotic promote digestion & healthy Gut health, enhances intestinal motility & relieves chronic constipation.

To reduce water retention

Avoid excessive fluids built up inside the body.

No added laxative & caffeine
  • Doesn’t dehydrate & force intensive bowel movement.
  • Doesn’t cause heart palpitation.

Urolithin A (UA), shows powerful anti-aging potential in improving muscle endurance by 42% and prolongs life span of cells by 45%.

UA is the ONLY molecule that can relaunch mitophagy, a process to re-establish the cell's ability to recycle the worn out/damaged mitochondria & delay the aging process.

POMx Pomegranate VS Commercial Pomegranate




 Patented & contains complete range of polyphenols  May not contain the complete range of polyphenols
75% of Total Polyphenols Only contain 40-50% of TPP
100% whole fruit extract Unknown
Clinically proven - 166 studies Unknown
Gentle water extraction Might use solvent to extract from fruits

Way Of Consumption

  • Mix with 200ml - 250ml room temperature or cold water.

  • Shake or mix well and drink immediately.

  • Take 1 sachet after dinner or before bed daily.

  • Gastric patient are advisable to consume only after meal.

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Resilac Botanical Pomegranate Apple Juice Powder 21x12g Sachet

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